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Pool Water Balancing Chemicals

Maintaining your water balance is a very important part of owning a pool. If the balance is off, it can cause problems not only for your pool, but also for anyone swimming in the pool! Using our water balancing chemicals is the safest and most effective way to get your pool's water it needs to be.

pH Increaser (Sodium Carbonate)

Item # pH-increaser
Prices Starting At: $12.99
Raises the pH levels of pool water.
pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate)

Item # pH-decreaser
Prices Starting At: $14.99
pH Decreaser uses sodium bisulfate to reduce the pH levels SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY!
Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bi-Carbonate)

Item # alkalinity-increaser
Prices Starting At: $12.99
Raise your pool's Total Alkalinity without affecting the pH level!

Chlorine Stabilizer/Conditioner

Item # chlorine-stabilizer
Prices Starting At: $12.99
Is your pool burning through chlorine? Stabilizer will help keep that chlorine from evaporating.
Calcium Hardness Increaser

Item # hardness-increaser
Prices Starting At: $17.99
Fight corrosive water early! Add Hardness Increaser when your water hardness drops below 150 ppm.
Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1 Gallon

Item # natural-chemistry-07401
Price: $32.99
Instant Pool Water Conditioner is used for stabilizing chlorine from UV sunlight loss.

Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1/2 Gallon

Item # natural-chemistry-07410
Price: $20.99
Instant Pool Water Conditioner is used for stabilizing chlorine from UV sunlight loss.

One of the most important things to remember about your pool is that water will evaporate or will be splashed out of the pool. Whenever you fill your pool up with water, the newly added water will not have any balancing chemicals. If you have well-water, it is even possible that the water will add a substantial amount of metals to your water. This is why it is very important to test your water balance. Ensure your pH, Total Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid levels are all within the appropriate range. If they are not you will need to correct the water balance.

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