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Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

We are pretty sure that you have a pool to enjoy, and you want to enjoy it as much as possible without having to bother with cleaning it! Now you can enjoy your pool without the hassle. Robotic cleaners have become so developed that they take all the work out of cleaning your pool. They are programmed to "learn" your pool and clean it in the most efficient and effective way possible!

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Hayward Tiger Shark Robotic Pool Cleaner

Item # Tiger-Shark
Save: $150.00
Easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go!
Hayward TigerShark 2 Robotic Automatic Commercial Pool Cleaner with Caddy Cart

Item # tigershark2-commercial
Price: $1,699.99
A powerful robotic pool cleaner that scrubs and vacuums dirt and debris from the floors, walls, and steps of your in-ground commercial swimming pool.
Hayward TigerShark 2 Plus Robotic Commercial Pool Cleaner and Caddy and Remote

Item # tigershark2-remote
Price: $1,899.99
Cleans in-ground commercial pools up to 40 ft x 80 ft. Includes Caddy Cart and Remote Control!

Hayward SharkVAC Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

Item # hayward-sharkvac
Price: $699.99
SharkVAC by Hayward is one of the most economic and affordable robotic cleaners!
Hayward SharkVAC Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Cart

Item # hayward-sharkvac-caddy
Price: $749.99
SharkVAC by Hayward is one of the most economic and affordable robotic cleaners! Includes Caddy!
Tiger Shark QC Quick Clean

Item # HAYRC9990
Price: $1,049.00
TigerShark QC's Quick Clean technology cleans any shape, size or type of pool in 60 minutes.

Tiger Shark Plus w/ Remote Control

Item # HAYRC9955
Price: $1,299.00
All the features of the Tiger Shark, now with remote control!
Aquabot Inground Pool Cleaner

Item # Aquabot
Price: $779.00
Designed with you in mind, the Aquabot Classic offers the convenience of complete pool cleaning.
Aquabot Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner

Item # Aquabot-Turbo
Price: $919.00
This “turbo” model has the same great features as the original Aquabot, but is faster and will clean a larger pool.

Aquabot JR Inground Pool Cleaner

Item # NE339
Price: $599.00
Aquabot Junior will clean any shape pool and will not get hung up by ladders or other obstructions.
Dolphin 3001 Commercial Auto Cleaner w/ Caddy

Item # NE272
Price: $2,099.00
Fully programmable, self-diagnostic cleaner. Scrubs walls, steps, and floor of your pool - Fast!
Dolphin 3002 Commercial Auto Cleaner w/ Caddy & Remote

Item # NE274
Price: $2,699.99
With the 3002, now you can guide your Dolphin to the dirty areas and do quick spot clean-ups.

Dolphin 2x2 Commercial Auto Cleaner

Item # NE276
Price: $4,799.99
The Dolphin 2X2 is a heavy-duty, robust performer that boasts double filtration and scrubbing power
Pool Rover Jr.

Item # NE357
Price: $329.00
The Pool Rover Junior is great for anyone with an above ground pool that needs to tidy up the bottom of their pool.
Smart Ring Drain Cover

Item # NE290
Price: $64.99
Prevents robotic pool cleaners from getting stuck on anti-vortex main drains.


Sometimes we don't clean our pools as well as we can. Unfortunately, dirt and bacteria can build up on your pool liner in places that you may miss doing a quick brushing. Unlike an pressure-side cleaners, robotic pool cleaners are programmed to learn your pool's shape and size so that they can efficiently and effectively clean every inch of your pool, even the spots you miss. Even though the cost for a robotic cleaner can be higher initially, the benefits down the road are well worth it!

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