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Inground & Above Ground Pool Salt and Control Systems

Make your own pure fresh chlorine day in and day out. Salt pool systems are available for Above Ground Pools and for In-Ground Pools. These systems evenly disperse the chlorine throughout the entire swimming pool via the return jets of the pools filtration system. They provide 100% of your swimming pool sanitation needs automatically. Simply test your swimming pool water weekly, add ordinary food grade salt as needed, and adjust for more or less chlorine. Works on all swimming pool types, plaster, vinyl or fiberglass. All of the chlorine that has been added to your swimming pool will be reverted to salt. You may even be surprised with how much salt is already in your swimming pool. The salt display will let you know the level of salt in your swimming pool. Sacrificial Anodes protect against corrosion, click here for more information on keeping your pool safe.

Inground Pool Salt and Control Systems Above Ground Pool Salt and Control Systems

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