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Shuffleboard Tables

The best thing about table shuffleboard is that ANYONE can play and have fun. Depending on where the shuffleboard table is, players can be anyone with any level of skill and experience. Although itís hard to master and always challenging, shuffleboard offers one of the most fairest playing fields you will find in sport. The skill-level gap between being a beginner and experienced is smaller than in games like pool, table tennis and darts, so everyone feels like they have a chance to win any time they approach the table. Practice makes perfect and as with all games of skill, some people will play better. We have compiled some basic shuffleboard table gameplay rules they can be viewed here:†Shuffleboard Gameplay Rules

Ricochet 7 Ft. Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1201
Price: $1,199.99
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9 Ft. Dark Cherry Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1210
Save: $200.00 Now! $799.99
Enjoy Pub Style Shuffleboard Table Fun In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
9' Walnut Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1205
Price: $799.99
Packed with quality features and perfect for your home enjoyment!

12 Ft. Dark Cherry Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1214
Price: $929.99
Enjoy Pub Style Shuffleboard Table Fun In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
12' Walnut Shuffleboard Table (call for availability)

Item # NG1212
Price: $929.99
Packed with quality features and perfect for your home enjoyment!
Cover for 9' Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1224
Price: $54.99
Protect the most prized table in your game room collection, the shuffleboard table.

Cover for 12' Shuffleboard Table

Item # NG1225
Price: $59.99
Protect the most prized table in your game room collection, the shuffleboard table.
Shuffleboard Pucks W/ Case - Set Of 8  (Expected Availability 06/20/2017)

Item # NG1223
Price: $77.99
4 Red And 4 Blue Pucks
Shuffleboard Brush  (Expected Availability 06/20/2017)

Item # NG1222
Price: $19.99
Keep your shuffleboard table maintained with our premium shuffleboard brush.

"Important: Our shuffleboard tables require very little assembly. The table itself arrives as a single piece that is either 9-ft. or 12-ft. long and approximately 2-1/2-ft. wide. Please measure carefully any doorways, hallways, winding staircases, and/or tight corners that need to be negotiated in order to get your new shuffleboard into the desired room prior to shipping. We recommend 2 people with a string cut to the length of the board; take a trial walk along this path in your home to insure that the shuffleboard will fit. The shuffleboard will come on a single skid with two separate boxes containing the table and the table legs, at a total weight of up to 400 lbs. The 9-ft. and 12-ft. table box alone weighs 220 lbs. or 285 lbs. respectively. Our standard delivery includes curbside delivery by appointment. To help avoid damages at the time of delivery, we highly recommend having at least 2 - 3 people available to assist in unloading this table and moving it into your home."

"For your convenience, we offer a 'White Glove - Room-of-Choice delivery option for shuffleboard tables for an additional $149. We highly recommend this wonderful service as it features: (1) furniture delivery professionals handling your shipment, (2) multiple men arriving at your home to unload, and (3) transport your shuffleboard to the room of your choice. Please note: This service does not include assembly or debris removal."

Due to the complexity of shipping this item, our standard return policy does not apply to shuffleboard orders. A 50% restocking fee will be assessed for all shuffleboard returns. Do not sign the delivery receipt without inspecting for damage. Any damage must be noted on the delivery receipt.

Shuffleboard Rules


To play table shuffleboard, you need a shuffleboard table and eight shuffleboard weights, four for each person. Liberally sprinkle the table with silicone beads or table wax to reduce friction with the weights. Flip a coin to decide which player goes first, the winner of the flip can choose to go first or second. The player who goes second has the last shot of the game known as the "hammer." For this reason, it is considered advantageous to go second.


Both players stand at one end of the table. The player who goes first slides a weight towards the opposite end of the table. The goal is to get the weight to land as close to the edge of the table as possible without falling off. If the weight does not cross the closest foul line, it must be removed from the game. After the first player has shot, the second player takes a turn and tries to land his weight closer to the edge and/or knock the first player's weight off the board.

Click here to view the complete Shuffleboard Rules

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