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Swimming Pool Slides

Royal Swimming Pools offers some of the most popular pool slides available today. From both of the leading suppliers, Inter Fab and SR Smith. Take your pool to the next level of fun! Not only do we have some of the traditional slides like the Zoomerang or Wild Ride, to the newest and most elaborate slides with twists, turns, and loops, like the G-Force or heliX.

Inter-fab Zoomerang Pool Slide

Item # Zoomerang
Price: $929.99
This 3’ Zoomerang™ water slide is kid-sized, and packed full of fun!
S.R. Smith Rogue2 Slide

Item # Rogue-Slide
Price: $1,649.99
The 8' tall Rogue2 slide is a economy priced slide packed with premium features!
Inter-fab Wildride Pool Slide

Item # Wildride
Save: $230.00 Now! $1,849.99
The 6’ Wild Ride™ slide offers up a fantastic thrill ride for the most discriminating of sliders.

Inter-fab G-Force 2 Pool Slide (no longer available)

Item # G-Force
Price: $3,999.99
The 6’ G-Force 2™ slide packs a thrilling 360˚ ride that brings the amusement park excitement home to your own backyard.
S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide

Item # Typhoon
Price: $2,349.99
Typhoon slide was designed for maximum fun while insuring safety for everyone.
S.R. Smith TurboTwister Pool Slide

Item # Turbo-Twister
Price: $3,049.99
The TurboTwister gives you waterpark thrills in your own backyard!

S.R. Smith Cyclone Swimming Pool Slide

Item # Cyclone
Price: $1,049.99
This slide will make a big splash with the little one's that enjoy your pool!
Inter-fab Adrenaline Pool Slide

Item # Adrenaline
Price: $3,495.00
This 7' Adrenaline™ slide is the tallest Inter-Fab slide in its class.
S.R. Smith heliX Inground Pool Slide

Item # heliX-Slide
Price: $3,299.99
The heliX offers Serious Fun all the way around with a 360-degree flume and fountain feature.

Inter-fab White Water Pool Slide

Item # White-Water
Price: $1,799.99
he 4’ White Water™ slide is the perfect sized pool slide to deliver loads of entertainment for the entire family.
Inter-fab City 2 Pool Slide

Item # City
Price: $1,599.99
The Zoom Flume™ water delivery system is the best water delivery system in the industry!

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