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Table Tennis

Quick Set Table Tennis Conversion Top (Allow 5-10 days to ship)

Item # NG2323
Price: $149.99
The competition never ends with this durable regulation size table tennis conversion top.
Crossover 60" Portable Table Tennis

Item # NG2305P
Price: $229.99
Light Weight Portable Design Means Any Time is Game Time!
Contender Outdoor Table Tennis Set

Item # NG2336P
Save: $400.00 Now! $699.99
A great way to enjoy competitive table tennis action in the great outdoors!

Bounce Back 9' Table Tennis Table

Item # NG2325B
Price: $324.99
Game On! Let The Excitement And Competition Begin With This Brightly Colored Table!
Back Stop Table Tennis Table

Item # NG2310P3
Save: $30.00 Now! $419.99
Among The Top Tables In This Price Range - Packed With Quality Features!
Victory Professional Grade Table Tennis Table

Item # NG2322P3
Save: $40.00 Now! $519.99
Play Like A Pro On This Tournament Grade Table!

Maverick 7' Pool Table w/Table Tennis (Estimated in stock 8/20/2018)

Item # NG1023
Price: $549.99
Top Quality Billiards Table Has The Extra Bonus Of Table Tennis - All At This Great Price!
Accelerator 4-In-1 Multi Game Table

Item # NG1016M
Price: $219.99
Homework just got easier - and more fun!
Deluxe EZ-Clamp Net & Post Set

Item # NG2347P
Price: $39.99
Fast set up – stays taut!

Table Tennis Cover

Item # NG2309
Price: $59.99
Prolong the life of your table!
Control Spin Table Tennis 2-Player Racket & Ball Set

Item # NG2344P
Price: $21.99
Dominate Your Opponents!
Single Star 2-Player Racket & Ball Set

Item # NG2341P
Price: $36.99
Up Your Game With This Racket and Ball Set!

Table Tennis Rules

The Serve:

When serving, hold the table tennis ball in the palm of your hand and throw it straight up in the air with no spin. According to USA Table Tennis, the ball should rise at least 16cm above your palm when throwing it into the air. This allows your opponent to properly see the ball during your serve. Hit the ball with your paddle so that it bounces on your side of the table, goes over the net without hitting the net, and hits the opposite side of the table. If the ball does not hit your side or your opponent’s side of the table during service, a point is awarded to your opponent. If the ball touches the net during service it is ruled a let, which means no point is awarded to either player. The side/player who serves changes every two points. If the two sides are tied at 10 points, service switches after each point.


Once the ball is in play, the opposing players hit the ball back and forth until a point is awarded. Each player must hit the ball over the net so that the ball touches the opponent’s side of the table. Play continues if the ball touches the net at any point of the rally. When playing a doubles match, one player serves the ball and one of his opponents returns the ball. The partner of the server must then return the ball over the net. You must alternate players hitting the ball in this manner until a point is awarded. No player can hit the ball twice in a row.

Click Here to view our Complete Table Tennis Rules

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