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Pool Winterizing Plugs

Winterizing plugs are used to seal your pool's skimmers returns and main drains from water. By keeping water from getting into your pool's plumbing during the winter, you are protecting it from possible freeze damage. When water freezes, it expands. If water is allowed to expand while it is in your pool's plumbing it could cause a pipe to crack or damage other pool components. Be safe, and properly winterize your swimming pool whether it is an inground or above ground swimming pool. If you have questions about how to properly winterize your pool please visit our Winterizing Instructions page.


Aqua Genie Winter Cover Aquador Skimmer Seal Gizzmo Skimmer Plug
The Aqua Genie Winter Cover is designed specifically for the Aqua Genie skimmer and will not work with any other skimmers.

This time-saving closure device saves time and money when you winterize your pool. Simply replace your skimmer plate with the Aquador face plate and snap on the freeze-proof plastic closure. The Gizzmo winter skimmer plug is designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in skimmers. It does not require you to leave your pool drained below the skimmer during the winter.
$34.99 Starting at $28.99 Starting at $6.99

Return & Main Drain Plugs Skimmer Face Plug  
Use one winter plug in each swimming pool return inlet and main drain. Several sizes available for all return and main drain sizes.

Simple, yet revolutionary method for servicing and winterizing inground pool skimmers. No tools required. Preparing your skimmer for winter or servicing has never been easier.  
Starting at $3.99 Starting at $17.99  



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