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Zodiac T5 Duo Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner
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The T5 Duo is a suction side in-ground pool cleaner that provides maximum durability and cleaning power.

The T5 Duo utilizes the reliable Dura Life Diaphragm with one moving part to ensure a long lasting and easy to maintain cleaner. The Dura Life Diaphragm provides maximum durability and silent operation. The Duo Disc System achieves a closer clean with two independent discs for enhanced coverage, greater pool adhesion, and flexibility. The fins allow unimpaired cleaning over lights, main drains, and wall fittings that may hang up other cleaners. The T5's adjustable wheel deflector maintains optimal navigation around corners, steps, ladders, lights, main drains, and all other wall fittings. The T5 is for use with Low Flow Pumps, includes twist lock hose for simple connection, can be used on all pool surfaces, and has 39 feet of twist lock hose (12 sections, 1 meter long).


  • Dura Life Diaphragm provides maximum durability with silent operation.
  • Twist-locking Hose secures simple, easy connection and reduces vacuum loss.
  • Adjustable Wheel Deflector adjusts as needed for fluid navigation around corners, steps and ladders.
  • Quick Connector enables quick secure attachment to cleaner head.
  • Duo Disc System provides maximum cleaning coverage, and fins allow unimpaired cleaning.
Zodiac T5 Duo Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner
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Technical Details

  • Premium suction-side cleaner with Dura-life Diaphargm Technology
  • Operates in all in-ground pools
  • Connects directly to skimmer or dedicated 1.5" vacuum line
  • Includes 39 ft. of feed hose

Cleaner does not move or moves slowly.

1. Use flow gauge to verify proper flow. 
2. Confirm that the main drain is closed. 
3. If flow is correct, check diaphragm for blockage, cuts, wear or other damage. 
4. Ensure filter is clean, empty pump basket and skimmer basket. 
5. Ensure pump is primed. Check for air in the system. If water level in pump basket drops or excessive air bubbles are present, there may be air in the system. This could be due to a leaking pump lid o-ring, leaking valve, holes in cleaner hose, or the water level may be too low. Check hose connections, tighten all fitiings at the pump and check pump lid o-ring for wear.

Cleaner getting stuck on the ladder

Install Ladder Guard part number G21.

Cleaner hose disconnects from skimmer when pump shuts off

1. Use 45 degree extended elbow. 
2. Verify hose has been properly fastened. 
3. Ensure valve cuff is installed.

Cleaner hose unlocking

Verify locking connections are properly fastened.

Cleaner is unbalanced or tips over

1. Check float for water. Replace if necessary. 
2. Ensure hose weight is placed in proper location per the Owner's Manual. 
3. Verify proper flow.

Cleaner patterns or does not cover entire pool.

1. Use flow gauge to verify proper flow. Reduce flow to move cleaner off the walls. (Use caution when reducing flow as this may reduce coverage if adjusted too low) 
2. Direct return lines downward. Add a return diverter if necessary. 
3. Verify that the engine assembly spins freely inside the cleaner body. 
4. Ensure hose is not coiled or kinked. Lay hose in sun to straighten if necessary. 
5. Verify correct hose weight position. (3ft from cleaner) 
6. Confirm proper hose length by referencing installation manual.

Cleaner stays on walls or edge of pool

1. Using the flow gauge as your guide, ensure the flow rate is set at 3. If it is set at 3, but the cleaner is still staying on the walls, try reducing the flow to 2. 
2. Verify proper hose weight positioning 3 feet from cleaner.

Cleaner stuck at steps

1. Use flow gauge to verify proper flow. Set flow setting to 4 on flow gauge to increase flow. 
2. Adjust wheel deflector up or down the hose to make better contact where the cleaner is sticking. 
3. Confirm proper hose length. Shorten if necessary. 
4. Use return jets to guide the cleaner.

Cleaner won't climb the walls

1. Use flow gauge to verify proper flow of 3. 
2. Verify correct hose weight positioning 3 ft. from cleaner.

Disk folding under the cleaner

1. Ensure the hook on the disc is fastened. 
2. Check cleaner disc for wear. If worn thin, replace disk.

Float came out of unit

Check if the body clip is broken. Replace main body cap and main body cover. Reinstall float.

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Zodiac T5 Duo Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner

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