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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are a necessity for any pool owner who wants to keep their pool sparkling throughout the summer and winter. With our different types of packages you can choose the right one for your specific problem whether its Algae, pH, or just regular maintenance swimming pool chemicals.

Chlorine & Bromine



Featuring our most popular 3" chlorine tablets as well as 1" tablets, sticks, and Bromine products.

Di-Chlor Shock, Cal-Hypo Shock, and No-Chlor Shock will keep your pool clean and bacteria free.

Get rid of that pesky algae and keep it away for good with our top of the line Algaecides.

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Natural Chemistry Products

Cleaning Chemicals

Chemical Packages & Kits

Enzyme chemicals provide an eco-friendly, safe, and reliable solution to all your pool sanitization needs.

Keep away the buildup or clean what is already there. These products are for your pool, filter, cover, and more.

Save time, money, and hassle by using our ready-to-go kits for all your pool maintenance needs.

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Water Balancers

Stain Removal Chemicals

Clarifiers get all the dirt and debris right where you want them - where they are easy to clean up.

Trying to reduce chlorine usage or just maintain your water chemistry? Our water balancers do just that.

Having trouble with stains? Get rid of them and keep them away with stain removal chemicals.

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Water Test Kits

Winter Chemicals


Precise and easy to use water testing kits for new pool owners and advanced kits for the experienced.

Get your pool ready for the winter weather with these winter chemicals at great prices!


You may also want an automatic pool chemical chlorinator which feeds the chemicals to the pool, we have several types and styles of auto chlorinators as well. We have feeders for Chlorine, Minerals, and Salt Systems. For the special projects or even the simple ones, we have specific chemicals sold by themselves in small amounts and also large economical sizes. If it is for the whole season or just one time, we have what you need. With our winter chemical kit you can have your pool ready for the summer as soon as you lift the cover.


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