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12' x 24' Rectangle Swimming Pool Kit with 42" Steel Walls

12' x 24' Rectangle Swimming Pool Kit with 42" Steel Walls
12' x 24' Rectangle Swimming Pool Kit with 42" Steel Walls

Ready to float on a warm afternoon breeze, relaxing to a soundtrack of trickling water? A private pool offers you tranquility; without having to leave home. Now add your loved ones. In the time it takes to cannonball, your serene space is instantly transformed into a location of laughter and lasting memories.

This Inground Kit design features top quality products from the leading brands in swimming pool materials. Your 12' x 24' Rectangle pool will soon be your favorite outdoor escape located conveniently in your own backyard! With tried and true " walls, your private oasis will stand the test of time, bringing friends and family together for years to come! Continue to customize your design with our one-of-a-kind kit builder for an even more personalized experience. Our kits make it easy for you to know exactly what you’re getting as well as know what options are available for your specific model. However, if you have any questions along the way you can check to see if there’s a blue toolTIP for a particular item or give our knowledgeable staff a call at 866-532-8194.


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Hello! Any kit you look at you can determine the depth based on the wall height. Typically, you’ll build the base of your pool up to have a 2" pool bottom. Pair this with the usual 6" from the top of the pool wall to the actual start of your waterline (since pools are not filled all the way to the top of the walls) and the water depth will end up being a total of 8" shallower than the wall height. SO, 42” panel equals a shallow end a depth of approximately 34”-36”. You can read more on this topic here:
02/04/2019, 9:19:15 AM
Yes, any of our inground pool kits can be installed inground. We sell pool kits nationwide but only offer installation in the great Memphis, TN area. If you are outside of this area the cost of installation would have to be quoted by someone in your local area. (See the below articles on our suggestions for sourcing a builder as well as the rough costs you can expect when installing an inground pool). BUILDERS: COSTS: Let us know if we can help you further or if you need assistance with your pool kit selection. 866-532-8194
03/29/2019, 3:21:30 PM
To answer your question, any way you'd like really. Check out our article that covers your three major options using the link below:
04/08/2019, 4:50:01 PM
Hi Tamanna, This is an inground swimming pool kit. Inground kits can* be installed semi-inground but there are a lot of stipulations and extra parts needed to do so. You would want to reach out to our office ahead of time to make sure that you're kit is fully prepared for this kind of installation.866-532-8194
07/30/2019, 1:56:28 PM