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Saltwater Magnus Above Ground Pools

Saltwater Magnus above ground pools combine the strength of steel and the beauty of injection molded resin, giving you the best of both worlds. With the Magnus, durability and strength has never looked so good with its 7” Synpro resin top seats and 5” coated steel uprights.

Injection molded resin and super sturdy steel are the key to this pool's incredible endurance. Magnus' high impact resin is extremely resilient and 100% non-corrosive. In addition, steel provides unparalleled strength and durability. With this advanced technology, Magnus is sure to stand the test of time...and to keep looking great!

Foot Cover Upgrade and Resin Top Rail Upgrade Included With Our Kit!
  • Structure - 7" injected resin top ledge cover made from Synpro resin. Rounded corners and a design that hides screws. Never chips or discolors.
  • All Saltwater Magnus OVAL model pools utilize the unique yard extender system; an engineering break through in pool engineering. What this does is allow the pool to not show any side buttresses on the outside of the pool.
  • Synpro Resin - Top and Bottom rail that will never chip or discolor.
  • lok system - Pre-grooved parts to make screw installation easy, screws lock in place to maintian structural integrity.
  • Ellipse Wall - 54" wall is protected by a resin based paint called resin shield, which provides an extra layer of resistance against corrosion.
  • This pool is manufactured by Wilbar and carries a 50 year warranty on pool frame components.
  • OUR Saltwater Magnus Pool comes with both Steel Top Rails and Upgraded Resin Top Rails. We include the resin top rails for FREE while many of our competitors only offer it for an additional charge. The inclusion of both the steel and resin top rails gives you the flexibility to choose whether you want a salt friendly (resin top rail) or normal chlorine resistant (steel top rail) installation!