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Inground Pool Pumps

About Inground Pool Pumps

We have many inground swimming pool pumps in stock. Any of these pumps can be used as replacement pumps or for initial pool installations.

There are three types of swimming pool pumps. These are the Single Speed Pump, Dual Speed Pump, and Variable Speed Pump.

Single Speed Pumps are useful for most applications and are the most widely used pool pumps on the market today. They are available in horsepowers ranging from 1/4 to 5 horsepower and can power entire pools along with water features on swimming pools.

Dual Speed Pumps are very popular as well due to their eco-friendly operation and their low initial cost compared to variable speed pumps. The dual speed pump is a great option for most swimming pools because they allow homeowners to run their pump at a low speed for normal operation and at a high speed when using a spa or other high flow water feature.

Variable Speed Pumps are growing in popularity because they are extremely quiet, have a very eco-friendly operation, and provide un-matched flexibility. Most variable speed pumps include a controller which allows settings for multiple speeds, useful for operating various water features or a spa. Commonly referred to as a Smart Pump, the variable speed pump can control its own speed to maximize efficiency by learning about your pool's needs as you operate the pump.

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