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Semi-Inground Swimming Pool Kits

Semi-Inground pools are becoming very popular. Many people might have a high water table, rock, a hillside, or any number of uncontrollable factors which restrict them from having a fully inground pool. In situations like those or even in situations when a customer prefers the ease of installation of an above ground pool or the aesthetics of a wood deck, the semi-inground pool is the obvious choice.

Semi-Inground Pool Models

52" Whispering Wind II

52" Palm Shore

54" Bermuda

Lomart Whispering Wind II Semi-Inground Pool Doughboy "The Palm Shore" Above Ground & In Ground Pool Bermuda Semi In Ground Above Ground Pool
8" Poly-Lam Top
Lifetime Warranty
8-1/2" Curved Resin Top
Lifetime Warranty
10" Curved Resin Top
Salt Water Friendly!
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Only some types of above ground pools can be installed semi-inground. The pool must have a non-corroding, non-rusting construction and frame, yet, still be sturdier than a typical above ground pool to withstand the inward pressure from the dirt or backfill against the wall of the pool. Aluminum above ground pools are typically a very popular option for a semi-inground pool. The aluminum pool offers a rust-proof option, and when coated with resin or other protective coatings, is also quite resistant to corrosion. There are some steel wall above ground pools that can withstand being installed semi-inground as well. The important thing to look for on steel wall semi-inground pools are; resin top and bottom rails, resin uprights, and quality protective coatings on the wall and any other steel components. These are very important features for a semi-inground pool, as these components can come in direct contact with the soil and must be able to withstand any acidity in it. Take a look and see that we have compiled a list of some affordable and premium semi-inground pools to make things easier on you as you're shopping for your splash this Summer!

Semi-Inground Pool & Deck Ideas

Check out these pictures of semi-inground pool installations to get an idea of how you can install a semi inground pool. These pools have been well integrated into their landscape and look just as beautiful as a fully inground pool. Full decks, half-decks, and hillside installation are all possibilties with a semi-inground pool.

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