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15' Round 48" Reprieve

Reprieve Round Pool In Backyard Reprieve Round Pool Render

  • Wall Height:48"
  • Top Seats:6" Coated Steel Top Seats
  • Uprights:5" Coated Steel Uprights
  • Frame:Coated Steel
  • Brand:Wilbar Sharkline
  • Warranty:30 Year
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Looking for one of the best looking Tan Above Ground Pools? Well look no further than the sandy colored Reprieve from Sharkline. In addition to the beachy, sand colored 48" or 52" wall, the Reprieve boasts about its strength and durability with a steel structure that is protected by a combination of finishes. The design behind the Reprieve was focused on creating an entry level pool with optimum corrosion resistance where it counts - THIS is why it features the ESP Advantages!

  • 6" Coated Steel Top Seats
  • 5" Coated Steel Uprights
  • Steel Frame for strength and dependability
  • One Piece Top Seat Covers
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
Enhanced Structural Polymer Advantages
  • Oversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System, providing a long lasting foundation that continuously stands up to heavy weight and corrosive soil conditions.
  • Exact-fit Components, no universal components that leave extra holes open, all parts are made specifically for one size pool. Resulting in pool components that lock out corrosion.Resulting in pool components that lock out corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners, High grade stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners, eliminating the worry of rust spots on your pool.
  • Interlocking Stabilizer Rails, fits tightly over your liner and the top of the pool wall, locking the liner in place to increase its life.
Reprieve Round 48" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 48IN $749
ON SALE $649

15FT X 48IN $835
ON SALE $735

18FT X 48IN $899 $1485

21FT X 48IN $959
ON SALE $859

24FT X 48IN $1149
ON SALE $1049

27FT X 48IN $1193 $1889

Reprieve Oval 48" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 24FT X 48IN $1329
ON SALE $1229

15FT X 26FT X 48IN $1439
ON SALE $1339

15FT X 30FT X 48IN $1479 $2145

18FT X 33FT X 48IN $1649
ON SALE $1549

Reprieve Round 52" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 52IN $779
ON SALE $679

15FT X 52IN $837 $1423

18FT X 52IN $919 $1505

21FT X 52IN $1009 $1635

24FT X 52IN $1083 $1719

27FT X 52IN $1243 $1939

30FT X 52IN $1479
ON SALE $1379

Reprieve Oval 52" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

12FT X 24FT X 52IN $1399 $2025

15FT X 26FT X 52IN $1499 $2165

15FT X 30FT X 52IN $1599 $2265

18FT X 33FT X 52IN $1719 $2435

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This pool looks nearly the same as Wilbar Captiva. Can you tell me the difference?

A: They are nearly the same pool but with a different wall pattern.

Q: When will this pool ship?

A: This pool usually ships in 2-4 business days.

Q: Can I get a better deal on this pool?

A: Royal Swimming Pools is one of the the largest swimming pool kit retailers and so we can with confidence say that we offer the best prices on the 15' Round 48" Reprieve pool kit. If you find any online retailers offering a better price for the same 15' Round 48" Reprieve pool we will match or beat the price!

Q: What is included with this pool kit?

A: Using the options above, you can customize this pool to meet your exact needs!

15' Round 48" Reprieve
$ 735 New Available online