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18' Round 54" Saltwater Ultimate (SOLD OUT)

Saltwater Ultimate Above Ground Pool Saltwater Ultimate Round Above Ground Pool Render Saltwater Ultimate Above Ground Pool Wall Closeup

  • Wall Height:54"
  • Top Seats:9" Injection Molded Resin Top Seats
  • Uprights:6" Injection Molded Resin Uprights
  • Frame:Full Resin Frame
  • Salt Certified:Yes (Salt System Sold Separately)
  • Brand:Vogue / Trendium
  • Warranty:60 Year
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Built using the latest top-of-the-line technology, the Saltwater Ultimate is just that: A fresh blend of good looks, great design, and long-lasting solidity. Easy to install and guaranteed for decades, this is a true investment in summer fun.The Saltwater Ultimate features wide 9" injection molded resin top seats, 6" injection molded resin uprights, resin top and bottom rails and plates. In addition, an Ultimate Stainless Steel service panel is used to prevent any possibility of rust or corrosion around the skimmer and return. The perfect pool to use with today's salt to chlorine generators.

  • 9" Injection Molded Resin Top Ledges - Incorporates multi-ribbed supports for optimal stability. Features a sophisticated-looking metallic logo and provides a two-tone contrast that gives incredible style.
  • 6" Injection Molded Resin Uprights - Feature extra depth for greater stability and three dimensional molding means greater detail and solidity.
  • Revolutionary Assembly System - Upper joiner plate screws to top ledge and upright using a simple top-down system. Oversized upper joiner plate ensures greater stability for top ledge. Upper joiner also acts as a ledge joint: fewer parts, easier installation and a cleaner look. Perfectly fitting and locking parts. Upper plate in a complementary shade to top ledge for contrast and style.
  • Ultimate Stainless Steel Service Panel - This panel provides protection against any corrosion against gasket failure and water leaks, extending the life of your pool.
  • Bottom Snap-In Joiner Plate - Joiner plate attaches to uprights using a snap in system, no harware is required. Smooth, quick installation into upright.
Saltwater Ultimate Round 54" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

15FT X 54IN $1569 $2145

18FT X 54IN $1759 $2395

21FT X 54IN $1849 $2495

24FT X 54IN $2069 $2725

27FT X 54IN $2349 $3075

30FT X 54IN $2489 $3295

33FT X 54IN $2589 $3445

Saltwater Ultimate Oval 54" Pool Sizes

Pool Sizes Pool Frame Pricing Discounted Kit Pricing

15FT X 30FT X 54IN $3249 $3925

18FT X 33FT X 54IN $3449 $4225

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this pool include a salt system?

A: This pool does not include a salt system unless one has been selected. You can select a salt system to add to this pool package by using the "Chlorinator" option.

Q: When will this pool ship?

A: This pool usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Q: Can I get a better deal on this pool?

A: Royal Swimming Pools is one of the the largest swimming pool kit retailers and so we can with confidence say that we offer the best prices on the 18' Round 54" Saltwater Ultimate (SOLD OUT) pool kit. If you find any online retailers offering a better price for the same 18' Round 54" Saltwater Ultimate (SOLD OUT) pool we will match or beat the price!

Q: What is included with this pool kit?

A: Using the options above, you can customize this pool to meet your exact needs!

18' Round 54" Saltwater Ultimate (SOLD OUT)
$ 1759 New Available online