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Manual On-Deck Track Automatic Pool Covers

Safety & Convenience...With the option to grow!

If you want to add an automatic pool cover or easy-to-use safety cover to your existing pool or to a freeform pool, the manual on-deck track automatic cover system is perfect for you. This system gives you the flexibility to order a width large enough to cover your entire freeform and installs on any deck material. Don't skimp on the safety an automatic cover offers, especially with the convenience of the on deck track automatic cover system. The Manual automatic cover is perfect for those people looking for an economical option to an easy to use safety cover, it even gives you the option to upgrade to a motorized, fully automatic cover at a later time, without the big upfront cost!


The manual system is designed for small to mid-sized pools and features a low-profile track mounted on the sides of the deck. The cover is retracted with a "hand crank" and extended over the pool by pulling a rope connected to a handle. The heavy duty vinyl cover is available in 7 different colors. This system is designed to be upgraded or converted to a semi-automatic or fully automatic pool cover system. If your pool size is not listed, please contact us for information about custom sizes. The track for this automatic cover will be 2" wider than the pool on each side and 1-1/2' longer on each end. If you have brick or stone coping, the track and cover must be made larger to accomodate this. Track width x track length equals cover square footage. The optional ladder hinges will allow you to flip up a standard deep end entry ladder. The ladder hinges are not needed for in-wall ladders.


Pool Size Price  

8' x 16' (or up to 299 Sq. Ft.) $2695

12' x 20' (or up to 299 Sq. Ft.) $2695

12' x 28' (or up to 599 Sq. Ft.) $2995

14' x 28' (or up to 599 Sq. Ft.) $2995

16' x 32' (or up to 599 Sq. Ft.) $2995

16' x 36' (or up to 899 Sq. Ft.) $3295

18' x 40' (or up to 899 Sq. Ft.) $3295

20' x 40' (or up to 899 Sq. Ft.) $3295


Installation Information

This installation manual is a general guide and should not be solely used to install any automatic pool cover. Please use the installation manual included with your automatic pool cover for specific instructions on installation.

Warranty Information

Automatic swimming pool covers are very intricate and complex systems. There are many moving parts and some wear items. Over time certain components such as gliders or ropes will need to be replaced, but with proper preventative maintenance, your cover system will last a very long time!

We offer automatic cover systems from leading manufacturer Automatic Pool Covers Inc. APC stands behind their products and has an excellent warranty. You may download the warranty card for APC below or read an overview about their warranty.

Automatic Pool Covers Inc Warranty Information

Automatic Pool Covers Inc warrants their cover fabric to be free from defects for 5 years. The mechanical components of the cover (not including the pulleys, guides, lead edge gliders or other custom items) are warrantied for 10 years. Electrical components of the system are warrantied for 3 years. If the system is hydraulically operated, there is a 3 year warranty on the hydraulic components.

Automatic Pool Covers Inc. Warranty Card


These videos should answer most questions you have about using, caring for, or troubleshooting your Automatic Pool Cover. In addition, you will find valuable information about our swimming pool covers whether you are looking to purchase an automatic pool cover or already have one and need assistance.

If we do not have a video to answer your question, feel free to contact us using the "Get Customer Support" link located to the right of the screen.

Automatic Pool Cover Frequently Asked Questions:

All of these questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions video above.

"Can I walk on my automatic pool cover?"
"Is the cover too big?"
"If I drain my pool or if water level gets low, should I close the cover?"
"The cover is opening/closing crooked, what should I do?"
"Should I leave the cover pump on the cover at all times?"
"I hear a "popping noise" when I open and close the cover. Is this normal?"
"The cover does not open or close when I activate the controller. What should I check?"
"Water appears on my cover when it has not rained in days. What's wrong?"
"The cover stops half way opened or closed. What should I do?"
"The key-switch indicator light is blinking red. Is this normal?"
"The cover is completely open and will not close."
"The cover pump is not pumping off the water."


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