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Blue Wave Gorilla Floor Pad


Gorilla Pad is a super tough nonwoven geotextile used for decades in many applications. For example, geotextile membranes often are laid down in landfills before the landfill liner is installed to ensure that the liner is not cut or damaged by the soil structure beneath it. Any damage to a landfill liner would be catastrophic as pollutants would be allowed to penetrate drinking water supplies.

Landfill operators around the country entrust this vital liner function to geotextiles—such as those found in Gorilla Pad—because the materials are so tough. Ordinary foam type pool padding could never deliver this type of protection.

Since a swimming pool liner must be protected from any puncturing, geotextiles started finding applications in the pool industry about eight years ago. After two years of rigorous field testing, Gorilla Pad was launched as the perfect liner pad. Its nonwoven polyester geotextile material proved almost puncture-proof, while its considerable 8-ounce weight produced the desired “cushioning” effect. Gorilla Pad made much more fragile foam padding obsolete almost overnight. 

Gorilla pad is cut and seamed to fit your pool’s shape, so there is no cutting, trimming or taping as with foam padding.  It is quick and easy to install and provides super protection against cuts and damage to the pool liner.  Gorilla Pad is the perfect combination of strength and cushion, as well as ease of installation.  After 6 years in the field and well over 15,000 installations, Gorilla Pad® has established itself as the premier liner protective padding.

Don't be fooled by cheap imposters!

Gorilla Pad® is manufactured super tough to protect your pool liner from subsurface cuts, tears, or strain. The high-quality geotextile material is made of super strong polyester. 
Made from virgin materials—not recycled products that offer minimal durability—Gorilla Pad is your best defense against punctures and subsequent leaks. 

Be assured that foam type pads are not able to provide protection to the pool liner from cuts and abrasions. That's because foam is much more easily cut or torn.

Other inferior geotextiles such as Liner Guard™ are thinner and more easily ripped. They will not provide the protection of premium-quality Gorilla Pad.

Besides being made of super tough virgin polyester, Gorilla Pad® is comprised of 8-ounce thick geotextile. The extra thickness found in Gorilla Pad means there is extra cushioning to reduce “foot printing” on sand subsurfaces. The result is full protection for the pool liner.

Thinner pads of four or six ounces in weight—as found with Liner Guard—just don’t have the strength and cushioning of super-strong Gorilla Pad.
When seeking protection for your pool’s liner, choose Gorilla Pad®. Beware of cheaper, flimsier pads as they will not protect your liner.

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