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Blue Wave Gorilla Floor Pad


After five years in the field and well over 15,000 quick and easy installations, Gorilla Pad® is well established as the premier protective padding for pool liners. It boasts the perfect combination of strength and cushioning, as well as ease of installation. This popular pool floor padding is cut and seamed to fit your pool’s shape, so there is no additional cutting, trimming, or taping as commonly found with foam padding.

Traditional foam padding like Happy Bottom® has been used for years as an underlayment for above ground pool liners.  The foam, which is about 3/8-inch thick, provides some needed cushioning for pools installed on hard surfaces. Happy Bottom® is delivered in 4-inch wide strips that must be cut and taped on the job site, generating additional installation time and headaches.

Because foam is a flimsy substance, it provides almost no protection from rock, grass, and root damage. 

Gorilla Pad® takes the best characteristics of foam and combines that with super strength and ease of installation. Since Gorilla Pad® is made of super-strong polyester geotextile, it is almost impervious to cuts caused by glass, stones, or roots. It will protect the pool liner from any sharp underground hazard and lengthen its life.

Since Gorilla Pad® weighs in at a full eight ounces, it provides all the cushioning of 3/8-inch foam. What's more, Gorilla Pad significantly reduces “foot printing" on a sand bottom, and the pool liner is protected if installed on a hard surface.

Unlike a foam type pad, Gorilla Pad® is made to the shape of your pool and seamed at the factory. There are no pieces to trim or seams to tape. Installation is quick and easy especially for the do-it-yourself


Gorilla Pad® is designed to be installed easily in minutes. To save even more time, read all directions completely before beginning installation. 

These instructions are for a new pool installation. 

Step 1
Excavate the pool site as directed in your pool kit installation manual. Remove all rocks or other objects from the pool site that may damage the pool bottom.  It may be necessary to use a tamping tool or sod roller to produce a smooth, firm, and level surface upon which to install the pool.

IMPORTANT: You must have prepared a firm, level surface before setting up your pool.

Step 2
After assembling the above ground pool and prior to installing the liner, lay Gorilla Pad down on the subsurface. Since Gorilla Pad is pre-cut and seamed, it should fit easily on the inside of your round or oval pool. If any of the pad is too long, cut off excess with a knife to ensure it lays on the bottom of the pool.

Step 3
For additional protection, install pool cove around the parameter of the inside wall of the pool.  Follow instructions on the box.   Most foam cove installations require a simple 3 step process:

    Foam Cove Installation

  1. First, after installing the bottom rail of your pool, attach the foam cove to the bottom rail using the groove on the back of the cove.
  2. Fill the bottom of the pool with sand and pack it down to reach the correct depth for your pool.
  3. Place pre-cut Gorilla Pad over the sand and foam cove for a smooth pool bottom.



Step 4
Be sure that Gorilla Pad is smooth and without wrinkles before installing your liner. Fill the pool with water.




For your Above-Ground Swimming Pool



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