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Blue Wave Gorilla Floor Pad

Available Sizes

Gorilla Pad swimming pool liner floor padding is available in round, oval, and rectangle dimensions. It is cut and seamed together at the factory to fit the size and shape of your swimming pool. You never have to cut, tape, and measure at home.  

Installation is quick and simple for most do-it-yourselfers. Gorilla Pad eliminates the footprints that result from foam padding. It also eliminates leaks at the bottom of a vinyl swimming pool liner.

Gorilla Pad is available in the following sizes:
12' Round
10x16' Oval
21x43' Oval
15' Round
10x19' Oval
12x20' Rect
18' Round
12x20' Oval
12x24' Rect
21' Round
12x24' Oval
16x24' Rect
24' Round
15x26' Oval
16x32 Rect
27' Round
15x30' Oval
28' Round
16x24' Oval
30' Round
16x32' Oval
33' Round
18x33' Oval
36' Round
18x40' Oval
21x41' Oval


Comparison Corner: Gorilla Pad, or Happy Bottom?

To determine which product is better—The Gorilla Pad versus The Happy Bottom—the answer simply depends on what you need the floor pad to do.
Gorilla Pad, a felt-type product, is used mainly to stop grass coming up and growing through your swimming pool liner.

The Happy Bottom Pool Pad, a foam type padding for above-ground swimming pools, is designed for instances where you are setting a swimming pool on concrete or solid ground, and are more concerned with extra cushioning.

FAQ: Pool Liners and Pads

Sometimes we all need a little help clarifying pool product lingo. Here we present 10 Frequently Asked Questions regarding pool liners and pads. 

1) What is a unibead pool liner?
A unibead pool liner is a two-in-one product, giving the customer the option of using the pool liner as a beaded pool liner, which requires a bead receiver; or as a J-Hook pool liner, which hooks onto the wall of pool.

2) Why do I have grass growing through the bottom of the pool liner, and is this covered under warranty? 
This is not covered under warranty. The earth underneath the pool liner was not properly taken care of before installation, causing sharp blades of grass to grow beneath the pool liner surface and poke through. While weed killer can be used, you must ensure that its properties will not affect the pool liner to any degree.

3) How can I find a leak in my pool liner? 
Take some food coloring and distribute it where think there might be a leak. If a leak is present, the food coloring will be drawn to it. Patch kits will help rectify the problem.

4) How many pieces of coping strips do I need to attach my pool liner? 
Multiply the pool size by 3.14 and round it up. Divide this number by 2, which will equal the number of pieces of coping.

5) How much of a pool cove should I have for my above ground pool? 
There should be a 4-5-inch cove.

6) What is the wall depth of a beaded/unibead pool liner? 
A 48-inch pool liner measures 43 ½ inches and a 52-inch pool liner measures 46 ½ inches.

7) What is the lowest temperature to install a pool liner? 
65 degrees for a beaded pool liner and 60 degrees for an overlap pool liner.

8) Why doesn't my liner fit? 
To determine why your liner is too small or doesn't fit properly, use this checklist of possible problems:

  1. It is too cold. Vinyl will shrink and stiffen when the temperature is below 65 degrees. The sun will soften the vinyl making it easier to pack folds and wrinkles.
  2. Your pool is out of round.
  3. There should be two inches of sand or Styrofoam under the pool liner, with an cove along the inside of the pool wall. Do not use coarse sand.
  4. The pool may not be level.
  5. The liner may have been installed unevenly. Verify that the bottom seam of the liner is centered in the pool. The liner may be pulled to one side.

9) What is the measurement on an overlap pool liner?
An overlap measures 54 inches and is used for both a 48-inch and 52-inch wall.

10) When should I cut in the skimmer and return in my replacement pool liner?
The skimmer and return should be cut in when the pool is one-third to halfway full of water. This will allow the pool liner to stretch into place before any cuts are made in it. If this step is done prematurely it could cause the pool liner to tear, or wrinkles to form.

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