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Above Ground Pool for Beginners

Above ground pools offer the same joy as an inground pool and that too at low costs. In fact, they are perfect, if you want a temporary pool and you can opt for kits that will last for years as well. Above ground swimming pool kits are easily available for various budgets.

If you are thinking of buying one among the many swimming pool kits available, first walk into your backyard and take the measurements of the space where you wish to install the pool. Do not forget to exclude the area required for landscaping, placing the filter, walking space and space for fixtures that will support the pool.

Then, you need to consider your family's requirements and the budget before settling on a swimming pool kit. Your first consideration should be whether you need a temporary or a permanent pool.

With temporary above ground swimming pool kits, you can take them down and store them during the winters. Two types of temporary above ground swimming pool kits are available. You can choose between the ones with the frame set or the ones with the inflatable ring on top.

Among permanent swimming pool kits, steel pools and aluminum pools are available. They heaviest of permanent pools are steel pools. They last for more than 20 years. However, they are prone to rusting, even though they undergo rust proofing in the factory.

Aluminum pools, on the other hand, are much more resistant to rusting. At the same time, oxidation over time is responsible for tiny holes in the liner and pitting in the surface of the pool. Aluminum pools cost more than steel pools, though they are not as durable.

Another kind of pool that is available in the market is the resin pool. These above ground swimming pool kits are not entirely composed of resin. However, all the visible parts are resin. These pools are easy to mold and sculpt during the process of manufacturing. They weigh less and are completely resistant to rust.

You can also choose between an on ground pool and completely above ground swimming pool kits. On ground pools can be partly underground. They cost a little more than the completely above ground pools, but the finished look they provide is better.

You also have to decide on the shape of your pool. While most above ground pools are oval or circular, you can also choose to have rectangular pools. With oval pools, you will also have to accommodate supporting braces for the pool walls in your yard.

Finally, you have to decide whether you want a chlorine or salt-based pool. In addition, decide on the kind of filter, vacuum system, cover and pool ladder that you wish to use. Make this choice based on your family preferences and budget, as the variety is exhaustive.

With these things in mind, you can finally go and choose from various swimming pool kits based on your preferences.

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